EducationalSeveral of the ORNAC board members serve on the Education Committee. This working committee assembled at the 2003 Fall ORNAC board meeting to discuss the objectives for 2004. Decisions affect the Research, Scope of Perioperative Practice, Standards, and Perioperative Education groups.


The research grant is now titled the "Cardinal Health Research Grant" to reflect the new name of the sponsoring company. This grant was established to promote perioperative nursing research activities. The call for grant sub-missions is forwarded to universities/educators, the website, and the CORNJ. The deadline is March 15th, of each year and the next set of winners will be determined at the May 2004 ORNAC Board meetin. Guidelines for applicants and application forms are available from Karen Frenette, Chair of the ORNAC Research Committee, at or at click on Award.


The focus, at this time, for this group is two-fold. They are involved with the Registered Nurse First Assist (RNFA) Network of Canada and participate in an ad hoc committee formed by the Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society (CAS) that is looking at the anesthesia assistant role.

The RNFA Network of Canada has submitted an application for recognition as an ORNAC affiliate member. If previous ORNAC Hoard recommendations are addressed before the May 2004 ORNAC Board meeting then the Board will vote on granting affiliate status.

ORNAC continues to maintain representation on the CAS ad hoc committee that has, for the past few years, been investigating the feasibility of the anesthesia assistant role. Serious consideration was given to ORNACs involvement and the Education Committee has decided to continue its involvement. ORNAC will remain able to provide input and to lobby for perioperative nurses, with the appropriate skills and experience, to extend their practice into this role.


As everyone knows, the 2003 "Recommended Standards, Guidelines, and Position Statements For Perioperative Registered Nursing Practice" (English version) is now available for purchase. The French version will be available shortly (visit for the status). The Standards committee, and the independent reviewers, should be commended for the tireless efforts involved in producing this document. The group's work will now focus on reviewing individual modules on a regular rotating basis and developing Position Statements and/or Competencies for the expanding role of the perioperative nurse.


Two perioperative postgraduate programs have been awarded full ORNAC approval. Another previously approved program is due to re-apply. For further information, access and click on the Executive or Education links.

For more information about Education Committee activities contact Linda Socha at

Submitted by: Linda Socha, Chair, ORNAC Education Committee

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