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Investing need not be a complicated process. Sometimes we get caught up in the language and hype of investing which makes us lose sight of what investing really is. Finding the right investment vehicle for your seed capital size is a good start, but what is investment? Online Auctions If we strip it down to the bare essentials, an investment is simply spending money on something that gives a return. In other words, you buy something not for pleasure, but to make an income.

It need not be about P/E ratios and investment formulas. Bulgarian Properties Often simplifying things gives a new perspective, that is why, in this article I explore some alternative investment ideas that are quite unorthodox. But the truth is, they are still investments because they are defined this way because you get a return. Jeans By far the largest majority of people who are not professional investors have small seed capital accounts. Having as little as a few hundred dollars can be a real barrier in the traditional investment vehicles like stock markets.

The aim for most people in this boat is to make some easy daily cash. Cash flow is important in any business and it is fine to collect 20% for the next 40 years and expect to be rich at the end of that time frame. But what about now? If you could make a 20% return every week buying and selling common goods, that would be an incredible feat. A bank might give you 6% for the whole year. But this is not so difficult.

If you had $100 can you think of ways to invest that hundred dollars and turn it into $120? It doesn't sound too hard and Im sure you would have some ideas, but the percentage in that short time frame is remarkable. That is a 20% return in a week! You could compound it into a million dollars in under 40 such transactions. Imagine doubling your money every week with no or little risk! To discover a verified list of Million Dollar Corporations offering you their products at 75% commission to you.

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