Industrial Affiliate

Industrial AffiliateBreault Research Organization Inc. (BRO), the optical engineering firm, is pleased to announce the continuation of the company's status as a Senior Industrial Affiliate of the University of Central Florida. BRO is currently joined by 53 other Industrial Affiliates, 12 of them Senior Industrial Affiliates.

In support of UCF's College of Optics & Photonics (CREOL), BRO contributes software licenses, training, and technical support for the company's Advanced Systems Analysis Program (ASAP).

Able to accurately predict the real-world performance of automotive lighting, bio-optical systems, coherent systems, displays, imaging systems, lightpipes, luminaires, and medical devices, ASAP is the time-proven industry standard in optical software, offering optical-system designers unmatched capability, flexibility, speed, and accuracy.

According to Dr. James Pearson, director of research & administration at UCF's College of Optics & Photonics, "Our students benefit from learning how to use the ASAP code and the resulting understanding of optical design and optical system performance. Several of them utilize ASAP in their thesis work."

Since 1992, BRO has contributed ASAP Optical Software licenses and support with a total cash value of $457,775, and software training services with a cash value of $30,000, to CREOL.

BRO's ongoing support of CREOL includes software training for four students per year, a cash value of $8,000, as well as maintenance and technical support for 11 software licenses, a cash value of $66,650. BRO's ongoing annual contributions, totaling to $74,650 per year, maintain the company's status as a Senior Industrial Affiliate.