Making A Business From The Lottery

Do you know that the worldwide lottery market itself is colossal, with countless millions of people buying lottery tickets every day of the week. In the UK alone, it is estimated that 20 million regularly play just the National Lottery's games. That is 48% of the adult population, spending in excess of 1 billion GBP per year. That is $1.9 billion USD! The whole internet gambling market (of which lotteries are part) is on a winning streak, you could say.

Analysts project that annual revenue of $7.4 billion USD in 2004 will soar to $18.3 billion USD by 2010. That means the market will grow by 247% in the coming years.

So the basic requirement for a good business that you can work from home is there, a genuine consumer demand for the product. The reason it will grow that much is three Mega Trends working together to give everyone a chance to start a business in this area. 1. Online Lotto and Gaming 2. Working from Home 3. The Internet Explosion For example, one of the big companies working with the UK National and EuroMillions Lotto have members registered in 127 different countries already, there's proof enough that the whole planet is your sales territory! So it doesn't matter where you live, you can build a genuinely global internet-based business right from your home.

Also, the internet is spreading very fast and the number of people connected to the internet is really huge. You don't need to have broadband for this kind of work even if it helps to have a fast internet connection. If you are not connected to the internet you can still have an offline business with a lottery. There are several companies that have affiliate systems to help the members promote the business, online as well as offline. Many affiliates make a very good income from the business, some make over $100,000 USD per year.

Many that join the syndicate systems do it to increase the chances of winning. Different companies have systems that improve the player's chances of winning. But, playing in a syndicate means you have to share with all the other syndicate members. Overall you win more with these kind of systems. This kind of products would sell well worldwide even if it was not promoted purely through an affiliate program, as it is. The products are exposed indirectly, meaning the lottery games themselves, to tens of millions of people on TV and in other mass-media.

Imagine the kind of headlines running all over the globe for the moment when a Jackpot has rolled a number of times. In mid November 2006 the EuroMillions jackpot was $229 million USD! These kind of numbers makes it easy to promote the games, it is a fact that you benefit from a rolling free advertising campaign.

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