Receive a Car from Charity for FREE

If you are a needy family or an individual where having a car would make a substantial difference in your life, you could possibly be eligible to receive a car from a car charity organization or a nonprofit organization. If so, the car you will receive will be absolutely free as someone with a heart has already donated it, just for someone like you. Not having a car sometimes means not getting to work at the best job you possibly can because the bus doesn't go that far. The increased distance means that you will have to make more stops and bus changes, so that your commute to and from work will take many hours.

Plus sometimes public transportation can be dangerous, especially for women and children. You must be cautious. Without a vehicle, something easy like grocery shopping can be complicated. This also makes it tough to get to your doctor's visits, trying to stay in touch with your case worker and getting to your public assistance aid appointments. Receiving a car from charity can actually change your daily life to such an unbelievable degree, you may just be shocked. It will feel like your living someone else's life.

And the best part is that, if you qualify, you won't need to pay for the car. It will be given to you free of charge. Everyone want's free things, but needed people will benefit from it the most. General Qualifications to Receive a Car from Charity:

  • The working poor who just can't make ends meet
  • Victims of natural disaster
  • Those with medical needs that limit work abilities
  • Domestic violence victims rebuilding their lives
  • Families or individuals living in transitional housing
  • Struggling military families
  • Those transitioning from public assistance back into the work force or into the work force for the first time
  • Nonprofit Organizations offering donated cars to their clients
Even if you think that you don't qualify, there are some circumstances that make you eligible, so look into your local nonprofit organization or your local car donation center and fill out an application. You can start here:

htm How to Apply: Before you work with a nonprofit organization to receive a car from charity, ask them what their qualifications and requirements are. Car donation centers and nonprofit organizations can work differently. The standards are:

  • If you are a caseworker attempting to apply for a client, you may be required to fill out a separate application
  • Some centers and nonprofits have online applications
  • Some centers and nonprofits accept plea letters
  • Most centers and nonprofits have specific paper applications to be filled out
  • A good source to start with for applications is: 800charitycars.


There is help out there for you and light at the end of the tunnel. Things can only get better. Take the first step now. You must take the necessary steps to apply to be eligible to receive a car from charity. Good luck and we wish you well!.

Amit Peri is the author and owner of and other charities related websites. For more ideas about Donations and Charities like: automobile donations and other related donations info, please visit Donate Old Car.

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