Searching on eBay

On the left side of the eBay home page there are 39 general categories listed. The list begins with Antiques and ends with Video Games and Everything Else. That list is only the tip of the iceberg so to speak. You can find everything that is for sale anywhere in the brick and mortar world listed for sale on eBay. With such an enormous array of merchandise and services available under one roof, you might think it would be difficult to locate a single product or service. It isnt! Ebay made locating particular items very simple.

In the upper right hand corner of the eBay home page you will find a search box. You can type in a key word or two, hit search and be taken to a list of items that match your search criteria. The more specific you can be, the faster you can find what you are looking for.

For example: if you are looking from a bathroom rug, dont just type in bathroom will get hundreds of listings. Be more specific. Type is green bathroom rugs.

You will still get a lot of search results, but there will be a lot less, the more specific your search words are. Also, at the top of the eBay home page you will see an advanced search box. By selecting a category from the drop down box and typing descriptive words into the first box, you can refine your search quickly and easily. Additionally, some but not all categories have a product find feature.

This feature allows you to search by brand name, color, size, price range, condition (new or used), location of the product, and many other search criteria and can reduce your search time for a particular item significantly. Thank you,

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